I am a qualified teacher with 45 years teaching experience. I have taught in schools in Devon and Surrey, before setting up and running my own business as a private tutor. I have always been especially interested in literacy, having held the post of responsibility for literacy.

Throughout my teaching career, due to changes in government,I have seen many changes in education. Regarding the teaching of reading, writing and spelling,I have witnessed many ideas come and go (some good, some bad!). During all this time, my teaching methods have shone through and have stood the test of time. 

Not only was I taught how to teach properly, during my three years of training to be a teacher (which included an enormous amount of time spent in schools), but my course included a lengthy study of children's literacy. 

I was then lucky enough to gain my first job in an excellent school where standards were very high and literacy was top priority. I believe in structure and I believe in using reading schemes alongside non reading scheme books. In my first school, where I held the responsibility post for Literacy, I helped to totally reform and transform the school's reading policy. With the aid of experts from the reading centre at Reading, we were able to make the transition from a very archaic (yet successful in its day!) reading programme, to a modern and inspiring reading programme, which our children could use, enjoy and thus grow as readers... and become lifelong readers. I learned so much in my early years as a teacher and I'm forever grateful to the people who encouraged me and inspired me to become the teacher that I am.

Reading is a passion of mine and I have always endeavoured to share this with the many children whom I have taught so that they too can develop such a passion for themselves. Reading doesn't just happen! It requires expert teaching and expert knowledge. I have that knowledge but I am always ready to admit that I am still learning and I am always reading and researching new books and materials, purchasing them if I feel that they can add validity to my teaching.

I believe that children should be heard to read, daily. This was always my priority as a classroom teacher; it still is as a private tutor... and always will be.  Since starting my own English tuition business, I have built up a wealth of books for children to read and to borrow. I have a variety of reading scheme books, along with the many support materials for these books. I also have a library of non reading scheme books so that brothers and sisters can borrow, if they wish. I would far sooner see my bookshelves empty and the books being enjoyed! Every book has been chosen with care and I have a good variety to suit every child. If you employ my services because you are worried about your child's reading, or lack of it, I can guide you and work with you in order to get the best out of your children's tuition. I know that my ways work and my 'testimonials' page speaks for itself. Although I have many years experience, I am always exploring opportunities to broaden my teaching. I very confidently use a mixture of old and new methods. I specialise in English; I live English and I love English!

My wide range of interests include a love of books; the outside world; gardening and nature; sport; the theatre; history; photography and crafting.

Every child is special and I treat him or her as such when in my care.

I aim to make my lessons interesting and inspiring. At the same time, I try to boost each child's confidence.

Confident in my own abilities and because of my experience, I am able to help every child achieve success.

About me