Letter of introduction

Dear Parents,

My name is Sally Hall. I am a fully qualified teacher with in excess of 40 years experience. I specialise in reading, writing and spelling skills for children aged 5 years to 16 years, including GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature. I offer your child friendly, individual tuition, tailor made to suit his/her needs. I also provide English and Verbal Reasoning lessons for children whose parents wish them to take the 11+ selection test for the local Grammar Schools.

Tuition takes place in my purpose made teaching room, which is a happy, welcoming, inspiring, and peaceful, learning environment, with no distractions. All tuition is ‘one to one’.

Your child will have the use of my wide range of books and materials, which are up to date and National Curriculum based. You may not be aware that, although your child receives a full, packed hour of quality tuition, I invariably invest up to a further hour+ of my time preparing the lessons.

I am happy for your children to take my books home, provided that they are treated with respect.

Most of my books and materials come free of charge although there might be the occasional charge for GCSE/iGCSE workbooks or set books,in which case I would consult you before obtaining them.

If you decide to book lessons with me, unless your child is at GCSE level, the first hour will normally be an assessment session, to enable me to plan your child’s work at the correct level.

If you wish to discuss your child’s progress, you are welcome to do this at the beginning of his/her lesson. However, enclosed in your child’s book bag will be a notebook, in which I write details of each lesson and details of the homework to be completed. You are welcome to use this book as a ‘go between’ in order to let me know how your child has got on with his /her homework and any other information which you feel might be useful.

I am able to set homework for your child, if required.

I can also provide extra tuition during the school holidays, if there is an available space. I ask for full payment, in advance, for all extra holiday lessons.

During lessons, your child will be well looked after and light refreshments will be offered.

I work hard with, and for, every pupil in my care and I hope that your child enjoys his/her time with me. If we can all work together then I guarantee that good progress will be made!

Sally Hall Tuition adopts a strict cancellation policy. Therefore, please read, carefully, my terms and conditions, before you decide to book a place with me.

I have an up to date DBS certificate.