At this stage, many children are just getting to grips with the skills required to learn to read and write. Some children find this easier than others. Many struggle.

I aim to help children at this stage to develop a good, firm foundation on which to build for their future progress. My wide range of books and materials aid this process and I have invested heavily in a variety of reading schemes and support materials in order to do the job properly.

I regularly read to children and enjoy books with children. This helps the children’s comprehension and also their spoken language. I believe that it is important to engender a real love of books and to show children how to handle books properly and to care for and treat books with respect. I think that these are the stepping stones towards achieving a lifelong love of books.

I use various spelling and handwriting programmes alongside my reading programmes, which are tried and tested and help to achieve success. They work!

In handwriting, it is important to ensure that bad habits are avoided and I aim to do this as soon as a child starts  lessons with me.

Following the National Curriculum guidelines, I aim to help my KS1 pupils to reach the requirements in reading, writing, spelling and spoken language by the time that they reach KS2.

Key Stage 1 (KS1) (5-7 years)