Key Stage 2 (KS2) (7-11 years)

At KS2, children face further challenges. At lower KS2, some children are still at the early stages of learning to read and write; some read accurately but without comprehending; some read fluently and enjoy the challenges of reading widely and frequently. It is my job to guide each child (at whatever stage he or she might be) and help him or her to further develop knowledge. I offer so many opportunities using my own books and materials, which I provide for children to borrow: fiction; non-fiction; poetry; play scripts etc.

Similarly, in writing, I aim to consolidate the work covered at KS1 and
help to increase the child’s competence and confidence. I aim to teach  

and encourage children to spell words as accurately as possible, using their own phonic knowledge and other spelling knowledge. Linked with this, comes handwriting.

Joined handwriting is important and I encourage all children to use this when writing independently. I teach grammar and punctuation using the National Curriculum Framework guidelines and I ensure that children apply what they have learnt, to their own writing.

At upper KS2, I aim to consolidate the work covered at lower KS2. I give children opportunities to read new types of literature; develop their vocabulary and learn new grammar structures. My aim is to prepare these children for their next big step in their education: the move to secondary school.

In short, at upper KS2, children should be perfecting the skills learnt at lower KS2 and building on these skills. With my careful guidance, this can be achieved smoothly and successfully.

I do not tutor for SATS.