Key Stage 3 (KS3) (11-14 years)

It is my belief that any KS3 teacher ought to have taught at KS2 in order to understand those children who are struggling on their arrival at secondary school. Many children still need expert guidance, as they will still be working at a lower than expected level. Bearing in mind that GCSE work is looming on the horizon, it is vital to help these children catch up.

In my teaching room, I provide many materials to aid this. I offer opportunities for children of all abilities and following the National Curriculum guidelines, I aim to help all children in my care to achieve success. A range of literature is always at hand and spelling programmes are available for children who still need help in this area. Writing for different audiences is a ‘must’ at this level as is learning to identify the many language features used in non- fiction writing.

I also pay particular attention to planning and writing an essay; this being an area in which many children seem to flounder. It is also vital to revisit many areas of punctuation and grammar. Therefore, KS3 children will be well prepared, for the challenges of GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature.