Key Stage 4 (KS4) (GCSE)

At GCSE level, I aim to support, to the best of my ability, those students who are taking GCSE English Language or GCSE English Literature…or both.

The workload can be huge and the tasks varied.

I am up to date on the GCSE specification for 2013 onwards (exams in 2015) as well as the remaining specification for the 2014 exams and the specification for 2015 onwards.

I am also up to date with the iGCSE English Language Syllabus, for those who are transferring from other exam boards.

I aim to read set books with pupils; enjoy poetry together; analyse a variety of non- fiction texts and guide them in the best way to tackle GCSE questions.

I have a wealth of resources and I can offer my pupils much support in order to ease their worries about their exams…and help them to achieve success.

Should you require GCSE tuition for your child then please do not leave it too late to contact me for tuition, as my places fill very quickly as the year progresses and as exam time approaches!