Terms and conditions

1) All lessons are bespoke and are conducted on a strictly one to one basis.

1b) Lessons are not shared with siblings.

1c) There is no facility where siblings have consecutive lessons, for either of them to wait unattended for their lesson or collection.

(In summer months I am happy for parents to wait in my summer house should they wish.)

1d) The fee is £36 per child per hour. Fees are reviewed at the end of each year.

2) Fees are to be paid in cash, promptly, in advance, at the beginning of each month, to secure and maintain your place(s).

I require payment, in full, for any lessons booked as ‘short term‘, in a block of twelve lessons or less.

2b) Most materials and books are provided free. Pupils are welcome to borrow from my wide selection of reading books. However, if required, there will be a charge for certain GCSE workbooks.

3) Sally Hall Tuition works along the lines of a 'set place' system. Your child will have a fixed appointment, for each and every week throughout the year.

Once you book your appointment and forward the monthly fee, that slot/ appointment (day and time) is yours, until you wish tuition to cease. The slot/appointment is not transferable.

When you book a place with me, the full monthly fee plus payment for any lessons of the previous month (if applicable), has to be paid.

Booking your place acknowledges that you have read, understood, agree and accept my terms and conditions.

4) When you wish tuition to cease, I ask for written notice of 4 weeks.

5) In the event that I cease tuition,I will give you written notice of 4 weeks (or less if circumstances dictate).

6) Sally Hall Tuition adopts a strict cancellation policy. Lessons that are cancelled by the customer, for whatever the reason, including family holidays, will be charged. Unfortunately, I rarely have any spaces to rearrange cancelled lessons. However, if another customer makes a cancellation within 7 days of your cancelled lesson, I will contact you to offer you that space. If this offer is declined there will be no alternative offered.

6b) Cancelled lessons are not ‘banked’ or carried over to any other time i.e. the holidays, or weekends.

6c) Lessons that are cancelled at very short notice (i.e. within 24 hours of the lesson) will not be rearranged.

6d) Lessons will not be rearranged when pupils simply do not turn up.

6e) Should I need to cancel your lesson, I will try to rearrange it for you, or alternatively, I will refund you for the lesson.

7) Tuition continues throughout all of the school holidays. If extra lessons are required in the school holidays, I ask for full payment for these, in advance.

8) I do not reserve unpaid spaces for family holidays.

9) Books, book bags (or any other materials) supplied by me are not to be taken into any other school, or to any other tutor/teacher.  

10) Should a book become lost or damaged, I ask for full payment for a replacement copy.

11) 11+ ‘appeal’ letters or reports regarding a child’s progress, which will be forwarded to another professional person such as an Educational Psychologist, will be charged at my usual hourly fee.

(NB Due to the complexity of such reports, this could take up to three hours to prepare)

12) Please collect and deliver your child punctually, so as not to impinge on the next pupil’s time. I will not be responsible for your child if you are late arriving to collect him/her.

13) Should you wish to discuss your child’s work and progress, please allow time during his/her lesson in order to do this. Otherwise, I can be contacted via email. Please note that Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are not included in my business hours.

14) Please inform me if your child has any allergy to any sort of food or drink, or has any medical condition, of which I should be made aware.

15) Please do not send food and drink for your child to eat, during lessons.

16) Please ensure that your child goes to the toilet before coming for lessons.

17) Please inform me, in advance, should a friend or family member whom I have not previously met, be sent to collect your child.

18) Sally Hall Tuition is not affiliated to any other private tutors.

Therefore, I will not oversee or check any work or papers set by other tutors.

19) Please do not bring your child for lessons if he/she is unwell.

If your child has a cold but is well enough to attend a lesson, please ensure that he/she brings his/her own tissues.

20) I reserve the right to update or amend these terms and conditions at any time, without prior notice.