We highly recommend Sally as an English Tutor.  She has tutored our son for 3 years up to GCSE exams for both English Language and English Literature, and he successfully obtained good passes in both English subjects.  Our son had mild dyslexia which was holding back his progress at school.  Sally’s calm and knowledgeable approach allowed our son, who was struggling with his school work, to become someone who had confidence in all areas of English.  Sally’s tutoring also greatly boosted his progress in other school subjects requiring writing, reading and comprehension skills.     


Newton Abbot


Thank you, Sally, for helping my son through his journey.

We first met Sally when my son was around 6 years old and not enjoying English very much. Sally worked hard with my son and with her help and encouragement he worked well and succeeded in passing his 11+ for the grammar school.

My son has recently been back to Sally in the lead up to his GCSE English exams, ... she has given him all the help and guidance through the preparation of his exams.

Sally has a lovely room full of books, which makes it a cosy setting, perfect for learning.

I would most definitely recommend Sally. She’s professional and has all the techniques and knowledge.

My son enjoyed his time with Sally.

Miss J ( Newton Abbot) 11.08.19

Dear Sal,

I would like to say thank for helping my son during the last phase of his GCSE exam preparations.

Just as last year, it made a real difference as he managed to achieve his dream, the highest possible result,

Grade 9 in English Literature.

We are very grateful and cannot commend your work highly enough!

Mrs S, Newton Abbot

Dear Sal,

We would like to express how grateful we are for the tuition our son received from you.

You helped him during a time when he felt he could not achieve the high target he set for himself. The three months you worked with him before his GCSE English proved to be very effective and fruitful, especially that you always knew how to point him in the right direction and keep up his motivation.

Our son really enjoyed all your lessons and felt not only supported but trusted and respected by you.

We are very happy to recommend your high quality services to anyone who is looking for an inspirational teacher.

Our son’s A* iGCSE result is a testimony in itself!

With gratitude,

Mrs F (Newton Abbot)

My son has recently passed both of his English GCSE’s, with a good result which can only be attributed to Sal’s sensitive handling of his attitude to learning. She managed to keep him on board by building a positive relationship which was a challenge and this enabled him to actively engage in the learning she structured for him.


Hats off to Sal with how delicately she supported my son through the process. We were facing a situation with high predicted grades and low attainment which could only result in extremely poor GCSE results but instead he achieved a ‘B’ in English Literature and English Language, and he has chosen English Lit at A level along with 3 other subjects.


Many thanks, Sal, and we may be seeing you again!!!

Mrs A (Newton Abbot)

Thank you, Sally, for being an excellent teacher and mentor for Thomas. Thank you for inspiring him to learn and to give his best effort. Thank you for helping him with his reading comprehension, spelling, grammar and handwriting.

We are looking forward to working with you again.

With much thanks, appreciation and gratitude.

Mrs L(Newton Abbot)

Sally Hall was so approachable from the start; she was so accommodating to my son's individual needs and in getting him up to speed for his English GCSE. My son's confidence improved dramatically from the outset. I would thoroughly recommend Sally to anyone seeking a tutor. 

Jo (Chudleigh)

Sally has been brilliant… I needed a tutor for my daughter a few months before her iGCSE and found Sally on the internet and gave her a call.  Despite having no vacancies, a slot was found that we could both manage to work around.  Sally had not tutored for this qualification before but was so impressive that she was looking it up during the initial phone call and followed this up by contacting my daughter’s English teacher.  Communication between Sally, myself, my daughter and her English teacher was excellent throughout.  Sally’s support and encouragement definitely made a huge impact on my daughters confidence in the subject and no doubt on her final grade (B) – Absolutely fantastic, thank you Sally.


Jen (Chudleigh)

Thank goodness for Sal!

My son, who had been fine with English, was starting to struggle with an unapproachable teacher with erratic methods, at his Secondary school & his grades were suffering.He took to Sal, immediately, who restored his confidence & whose clear grasp of the current GCSE requirements & extensive knowledge was outstanding.

He actually enjoyed his evening lessons (!) where Sal's flexibility, focused & kind, personal approach to benefit his learning reaped dividends.

To quote my son "I wish Sal was my English teacher at school as she's brilliant!"

Mrs B (Kingsteignton)

Sally is a wonder!  My daughter was helped by Sally to improve her performance in  the English language and literature GCSE papers over a very short time period.  Right from the beginning my daughter felt comfortable with Sally .  She also learnt to enjoy and understand English as a subject for the very first time as her confidence and understanding grew.  We were very pleased with the resulting A grades as B’s had been  predicted only a few months before. 

Mrs R (Christow)

I just wanted to say that,regardless how Ian fares with the entrance tests, I am absolutely delighted with the progress you've made with him.

He has never been a keen writer and you have transformed his ability to express himself on paper.

... he has enjoyed his times with you. He has long felt quite negatively about written work and yet you've managed to make him feel that he can succeed.

Thank you for all your help - you are a talented teacher who really knows how to motivate and improve children's work in a friendly and enthusiastic way.

Mrs R  (Abbotskerswell)

Thank you Sally so much for everything you did to help my daughter through her GCSE English exams. 

You gave her back her confidence and you worked tirelessly to ensure her understanding and knowledge to assist her through a crucial time. 

You were quite simply her 'rock' and never hesitated in helping with guidance or advice if she was stuck on anything.

Your welcoming teaching room which was just wonderful and made her feel so at ease as soon as she entered.

I cannot praise and thank you enough for all you did for Lauren.

I would never hesitate to pass your details on to anyone looking for an English tutor.

Mrs B (Kingsteignton)

My son (who has dyslexia) has been tutored by Sally Hall for nearly 4 years now. Sally has been fantastic for him. When he started seeing Sally he was struggling with every aspect of English and was very near the bottom of his class. Now, after a lot of hard work on both their parts, he is achieving high grades and even enjoys reading just for the pleasure of it. This is something we thought would never happen. 

I cannot recommend Sally highly enough. I have always found her to be completely professional, enthusiastic, reliable and totally engaging as a tutor. She really cares about her students and always goes that extra mile when required.

I dread to think where my son would be now if we hadn't found Sally. I am truly grateful to her for all her support, guidance and expertise.

Mrs S (Bickington)                                

I have known Sally for about 15 years, when she began to help my son with his English. At the time I was feeling desperate for some help as I knew that my son was struggling in his class at school....along came Sally to my rescue!


She reassured me that she could help and so began regular after school lessons which were made fun and enjoyable. After a few weeks there were signs of improvement and his confidence with reading and writing grew. 


Sally teaches at home and her classroom is both cosy and homely which makes the child feel at ease. She also provides a drink and a snack!


Sally is very friendly, kind, reliable and honest.....I would most definitely recommend her.

Mrs S (Newton Abbot)     

Our daughter started lessons with Sally for English Literature and Language 6 months prior to her GCSE's. We were feeling very concerned as her ability and motivation were poor and we could not see her achieving even a C grade in her forthcoming exams. We do not have the results yet but Sally really turned things round, our daughter was enthusiastic, motivated and enjoying the study of the English language. Her renewed enthusiasm helped in her lessons at school so she really began to contribute and make progress. Sally put in a tremendous effort with notes and materials to extend her learning; she made the lessons fun and our daughter enjoyed going.

The most valuable aspect has been that she discovered a joy of literature...even poetry and a fascination for language. So whatever the results may be we feel our experience with Sally has been a great success.


Mrs Z (Bovey Tracey)

Sally was recommended to us by friends who were benefiting from her 11+ coaching of their son in English and Verbal Reasoning.


Sally applied her knowledge of the 11+ requirements and focused our daughter’s thinking and writing and geared her for that exam.  She had lots of great advice on techniques for making writing more interesting, which our daughter still uses now.  This made our daughter’s writing much more sophisticated and engaging.  Sally is completely familiar with all the different reasoning techniques and drilled our daughter so that she was totally confident in this.


Sally is quiet, fair and firm.  She set regular homework, which she expected to be done well.  Sally has a flair for bringing out the best in children. She has a huge selection of books, which the children were encouraged to borrow and read.


We would have no hesitation in recommending Sally to anyone and hope to secure her for our son in the not too distant future!


Quote from our daughter – Sally was really nice, lessons were fun and she really made me think about my answers and how to do my very best.

Mrs Y (Ilsington)

Sally thank you, I can’t tell you how pleased we were with the wonderful help and support you gave our son, Alex, to enable him to pass his English Language and Literature GCSE exams.

Your tuition was first class and Alex not only went from strength to strength in his confidence but he really enjoyed coming to study with you. He definitely wouldn’t have had such success with his results if it hadn’t been for your help.

Thanks again .

Mrs B ( Bishopsteignton)

I first met Sally Hall in February 2009. My son was getting ready to take his GCSE's that summer and, as half term approached, I realised that he had five essays to write and a whole book of poetry to get through and things really weren't looking good !!!!

I decided to take matters into my own hands and trawled the Internet for an English Tutor, which is where I came across Sally ( ‘Secret weapon Sally’ as she became known in our household !!!)

The first time I spoke to Sally I think she thought I was mad- 5 essays to write in 1 week !!!

But never one to turn down a challenge, Sally took my son on to her books and he saw her 2 or 3 times a week until he took his exams.

I am pleased to say that he passed both his English Language and Literature and that his results are purely down to Sally's dedication and hard work.

In September 2010 my daughter was at the beginning of her two year GCSE course. She had changed schools and they were concerned that she was slightly behind in her English.

It was time to enlist the help of our "Secret weapon" again !!

Sally worked with Jessica once a week all that school year. It was at the end of that school year that Jessica told me how unhappy she was at school and that she wanted to go back to her old school. This took a lot of thinking about as the whole curriculum was different. Anyway it was decided that in September 2011 she would change schools.

That summer Sally worked tirelessly with Jessica to get her up to the same standard as everyone else. All her novels and poetry had changed so there was a whole year to catch up on !!!

When Jessica started back at school in September they were amazed at how she had caught up!

She went on to have lessons with Sally once a week for all that school year, until she took her exams.

When the results came out in August I held my breath. Jessica had managed to get an A in English Language and an A* in English Literature. This was a girl that had been told was behind her classmates !!!

I am extremely grateful to Sally for all her hard work and input and most of all her patience and understanding. Both of my children think a lot of Sally as she did play a very important part in their lives.

Thankyou, Sally

Karen (Exeter)

My son has enjoyed his time being taught by Sally, in preparing him for his 11+ exams. He has found that Sally has been motivating and she has made English more interesting, giving him lots of time and effort in helping him with his work; even when it gets tough she is extremely encouraging. My son had lost his confidence with his English, due to a previous teacher, and Sally has been fantastic with my son in re-building his confidence, which has ended up in helping him pass his 11+ Exams, this year.

My son would like to say, ‘You do get some homework and it’s hard fitting it all in with school and clubs but it was all worth it and Sally is great.’

Thank you Sally.

Mrs J (Newton Abbot)

I approached Sally when my son was not happy with his GCSE English result and he wanted to re-take the exam in order to improve his grade. Much of my son’s problem was his lack of confidence yet once he started lessons with Sally, he became a changed person and within no time at all his confidence was back!

Together, they worked very hard and Sally’s preparation was first class. She did not stop working hard to help my son and when the results came out, we were delighted (and amazed) that he had achieved an ‘A’.  

I highly recommend Sally to anyone thinking of employing a private tutor, as she is professional, hard working and a source of inspiration.

Mrs K  (Newton Abbot)

Sally has tutored two of my children for the 11+ exam. Both have been successful and both very much enjoyed their time with Sally, who was able to prepare them extremely well for the 11+.  Sally is friendly, approachable, always goes the extra mile and her little classroom is a delightful place in which to learn.  I am so glad that we found Sally because she has made a huge difference to our children’s education and she taught them so much in the time that they were with her.

A big thank you, Sally!

Mrs H ( Newton Abbot)

I first made contact with Sally in December 2014, desperate to find help for my son, who was preparing to take his GCSE in English -foundation paper this summer.

Sally was so accommodating, quickly finding a regular time for weekly extra lessons. She was able to immediately start to unpick weak areas & personalise a timetable that boosted my sons confidence.

Within a relative, short time, tutoring my son, Sally was able to turn things around so much so that he was finally entered by the school for the higher paper & secured a high C grade !!

Thank you so much.

Mrs W ( Bovey Tracey)